I began storytelling as a young hooligan with a camera and a tenacious veracity for demanding the best of performances from my less than enthused friends and brothers. Love them. My first "film school" came from the MANY hours I spent watching the BTS featurettes of the Lord of the Rings (the extended versions - proud nerd).

After high school I enrolled in the theater program at my local community college, spent two years studying technique, performing on stage and making lifelong friends. I then learned that the school had a fantastic film program run by Academy Award winner Gray Frederickson. SO, I dove in - headfirst! There I absorbed much, made more lifelong friends, and discovered my confidence as a filmmaker.

        After graduating, I landed a job at a media company making non-profit videos and commercials. After two years, I started my own company, Deep Focus Creative. That same spring I was cast in a Francis Ford Coppola film, AND made a documentary about his "Live Cinema" proof of concept masterpiece Distant Vision. Good times. 

My latest directorial project "Pivotal" is part of the anthology film MONO. All proceeds of our premiere screening were donated to a local charity (over 2k) - which is pretty cool! 

        I recently wrapped a leading role in an Indie Sci-Fi Action film called Robot Riot - I can honestly say I've never had more fun destroying robots! Soon after this, I landed a supporting role as Dr. Simon in a fun kids movie called The Adventures of A.R.I My Robot Friend where I play a scientist with a bad case of horrible bosses. Robot movies are so hot right now... In a change of direction, I played a Nun in the film Agnes, which will be released in 2021. The sisters and I had a wonderful time collaborating with indie film director Mickey Reece, and I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished product. 

        Currently, I am writing a surrealist feature film and am in pre-production with my creative partner on a Beckett inspired nihilistic tragicomedy. 

        Films have been a huge influence in my life - I've learned from them, cried with them, laughed with them and been terrified by them!  That is what drives me! To reach out to the world and share experiences, or to have experiences through stories that I couldn't have any other way. Would I really train to be an assassin or solo sail around the globe? Probably not, but if you threw me a script I'll take you on a journey you won't forget! Curiosity will more than likely be the death of me, but until then, it's my fuel. I love exploring new territory and stretching boundaries.

        On this website, you'll find some snippets of work I've done in the independent film circuit as an actor and as a filmmaker, and pictures to prove I am a real person who does things. If you are like myself, a curious person, and want to know more about me, feel free to shoot me an email on this website, or find me on one of the many social networks.